Rebecca Mayo

It's in the Bag

26 April - 18 May, 2019  
In this exhibition, Rebecca Mayo has created a series of supermarket bags. Instead of extruded polyethylene, Mayo's bags are constructed from cloth that she has dyed with plants collected on local walks. Theses bags will be used by people joining the artist-led walks during the exhibition. Approaches to 18th century knowledge acquisition through the collection of plants from ‘elsewhere’ and the presence of plastic waste in our environment will be used to provoke consideration of contemporary relations to the world, including how we might take care of the places we inhabit today. 

Artist Walk - Join Rebecca Mayo for an inner city walk: you will have the chance to reimagine a pre-invasion landscape and help with a little tidying up.
Artist walk dates: Saturday 27 April and Saturday 11 May, 2019
Time: 2pm
Meet at: C A V E S, Room 18, Level 6, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Duration: 1.5 hours approx