​​N A D I N E  C H R I S T E N S E N

M  A  T  E  R  I  A  L  S

20th of August -  12th of September, 2015
Opening celebration Friday 21st of August from 6pm.

Nadine Christensen whose practice encompasses painting, drawing and sculpture, presents a new series of works that sample from small moments in larger paintings. Altered, added, subtracted and methodically rearranged and reworked, Christensen utilises aspects of external surfaces and everyday objects such as piles of dirt, tables, ropes and chains that impart the nexus between the actual and the suggested. Unfettered by the constraints of their original purpose, these objects are Christensen’s ‘materials’ - her inspiration. Within the paintings, Christensen combines imagery in a montage style, offering perspectival windows into other spaces. In addition to the use of gradational and flat colour, 3D rendering and the trompe l'oeil, these works can be read as representational with identifiable details; however, the liminal qualities that they possess gravitate toward abstraction.
The largest work in the series depicts a repeated silhouette pattern of a folding occasional table, enabling both a starting point and visual return from where we can cross-reference the geographies and visual terrains of the other work.
​PDF catalogue by request.
Nadine Christensen 
is represented by 
Hugo Michell Gallery