K R I S T I N A  T S O U​ L I S - R E A Y
S I G H T S E E R 

15th of October - 7th of November
Opening celebration Saturday the 17th of October from 4-6pm.

Kristina Tsoulis-Reay’s paintings reconfigure the generic and increasingly digitised tourist snapshot.  Her new work memorialises the images that are so often thrown away, discarded moments: the photographer’s shadow on a wall, a  photo of someone else taking a photo. Ancient ruins and sites – the Acropolis, Laocoon, and the Sphinx – are inhabited by the shadows and forms of sightseers. 
Tsoulis-Reay draws from the personal, her family’s immigration from Greece to Australia and their return trips to the Mediterranean, as well as the impersonal, found, snapshot mementoes of other people’s holidays, shared online.
The paintings in ‘Sightseer’ transform the casual relationship between tourist and ‘sight’, slowing down the fleeting aspects of the snapshot by means of the concentrated act of painting.  The boundary between the tourist and sight, observer and observed, is blurred in the slippery space of painting.

 Click here for the accompanying text by Jerry Saltz and Ian Epstein.

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​                                                                                 Image: ​Keepsake. 2015. Oil on linen on board. 15cm x 20cm. 
                                                                                                                                          Photo courtesy of Taryn Ellis