K R I S T I N A  T S O U​ L I S - R E A Y
S I G H T S E E R 

15th of October - 7th of November

​Painting as private, beautiful musings about giants of art and art history; this private experience of making paintings; succulent, simple, feeling, strange coordinates of vision, a manifest presence of a love of being in the manifest presence of art.
The small grandiose. Forging an identity in the presence of other art.
But more: The public experience of seeing art with others, of being a pilgrim but also a tourist, a friend, mother, someone experiencing other people experiencing art.
Tsoulis-Reay’s work revels in the sides of ourselves that are reverent, ribald, mysterious. These paintings are love letters from places that knock us down; places that are populated with others like ourselves, and others who are just there having fun.
Tsoulis-Reay folds these experiences of awe and banality together in beautiful paintings with creamy touch, deep feelings about all the things going on while we are looking at art in public. She makes us make larger claims on our experiences.
These paintings are deliriously mysterious; they drive away the bad spirits that sometimes make us feel that we’re the only ones who really know what’s going on with art. She lets us see that we’re all in this together in the beautiful alchemical stew. We want them...
Jerry Saltz

Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine

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Photos courtesy of Taryn Ellis