E M M A    P H I L L I P S 
 3 - 25 February

Emma Phillips – Greetings 
The subjects of Emma Phillips’ new photographic series, Greetings, speak quietly to their surrounds. Like the outer Melbourne beachside suburb of Frankston – whose backdrops, guises and oddly mediated landscapes bracket and envelop these images – the young women and girls that appear in Phillips’ photographs seem to float in an indeterminate space. These figures carry sensibilities unique to the young and the feminine.  
Likewise, Frankston itself – the end of the train line and the lower socioeconomic gateway to the more affluent Mornington Peninsula – emerges here as a place of both subtle tension and beauty. That the area is Phillips’ own former stomping ground brings Greetings closer to home. These works are as personal as they are heuristic. In forging a dialogue with these young women, Phillips gestures towards a rendering of self. 
– Dan Rule