Currently surrounded on all sides by large excavated holes and construction sites, the Nicholas Building sits like a cherished temple amongst the hoardings, building debris, concrete, cranes and earth moving equipment. We all have to live in the here and now but inevitably we will also become just a fragment in the geological strata of history. Monuments and ruins have long fascinated us leading to questions around how to speak through our moment both to and from an imagined future. A Song for You, explores the flipside of this paradox: Is it possible to speak without leaving any trace at all? And if so, what is worth saying from beyond the pale? 
Image: still from DAMP - A Song for You,  2019.
props, video and lighting
dimensions variable 
DAMP is currently Narelle Desmond, Sharon Goodwin, Deb Kunda and James Lynch.

A Song for You
‚Äč29 March - 20 April, 2019