Olphaert den Otter
Rosslynd Piggott
Alex Pittendrigh
Kristina Tsoulis-Reay
Julian Aubrey Smith
Vittoria Di Stefano
Jacqui Stockdale
Adrian Stojkovich
Heather B. Swann
Ebony Truscott
Kate Tucker
Michelle Ussher
Anna Varendorff
Kim Vernon
Anna White
Rudi Williams
Zilvester (Goodwin - Hanenbergh)

C A V E S  Fundraiser 2016

​Colleen Ahearn
Sean Bailey
Olga Bennett
Danica Chappell
Nadine Christensen
Sarah crowEST
Naomi Eller
Mark Feary
David Gatiss
Sharon Goodwin
Irene Hanenbergh
Abigail Hart
Eliza Hutchison
Annika Koops
Lucina Lane
Merryn Lloyd
Gian Manik
Sam Martin
Ruben Bull Milne
Tully Moore

Many, many thanks to our very generous sponsors;

David Leece
Hells Kitchen - Upstairs
Photographic documentation by Taryn Ellis
Flowers by Flora Legion 

And a big thank you to Serena Lindeman Milinary for allowing us to utilise her beautiful space across the hall to host our opening celebrations for the past 2 years..