On Saturday the 1st of June, 2019 we will be holding our 3rd fundraiser exhibition to coincide with the unveiling of our new gallery space in the Nicholas Building in Room 13 on Level 8.  
We would love to invite you to participate and help us celebrate this momentous occasion at 5pm.
As a not for profit organisation, CAVES is able to survive through the generosity of donations. In our fifth year of operation (with over 50 exhibitions), we’re bolstered by the support extended to us by our community. We’re excited to move to a larger and more contained space. This new space will provide the potential for larger works and room for our openings and for storage.

Participating artists;

Colleen Ahern \ Tia Ansell \ Owen Armour \ Olga Bennett \ Danica Chappell \ Yvette Coppersmith \ Lane Cormicj \ Sarah crowEST \ Narelle Desmond \ Jeremy Eaton \ Naomi Eller \ Kate Ellis \ Tony Garifalakis \ David Gatiss \ Starlie Geikie \ James Geurts \ Stephen Giblett \ Storm Gold \ Sharon Goodwin \ Alizon Gray \ Irene Hanenbergh \ Katherine Genevieve Honey \ Kez Hughes \ Eliza Hutchison \ Casey Jeffery \ Michael Kennedy \ Annika Koops \ Lucina Lane \ Nigel Lendon \ Merryn Lloyd \ Dane Lovett \ Sam Martin \ Marina Mason \ Rebecca Mayo \ Ali McCann \ Fiona McMonagle \ Tim McMonagle \ Ruben Bull-Milne \ Tully Moore \ Noriko Nakamura \ Alex Pittendrigh \ Kristina Tsoulis-Reay \ Monique Revell \ Mark Rodda \ Yarrow Ruane \ Fiona Schoer \ Paul Sloan \ Julian Aubrey Smith \ Matthew Stanton \ Vittoria Di Stefano \ Adriane Strampp \ Heather B. Swann \ Nat Thomas \ Ebony Truscott \ Anna Varendorff  \ Jon Walker 

Colleen Ahern is represented by Neon Parc
Lane Cormicj is represented by Daine Singer
Tony Garifalakis is represented by Sarah Scout Presents
James Geurts is represented by GAG Projects
Stephen Giblett is represented by James Makin Gallery
Irene Hanenbergh is represented by Neon Parc
Eliza Hutchison is represented by Murray White Room
Nigel Lendon is represented by Charles Nodrum Gallery
Dane Lovett is represented by STATION, Melbourne
Sam Martin is represented by STATION, Melbourne
Fiona McMonagle is represented by Sophie Gannon Gallery
Alex Pittendrigh is represented by Murray White Room
Paul Sloan is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery

C A V E S ~ Expansion

We'd like to thank and acknowledge the generosity of the following donors to our building fund for a second space, we're deeply grateful for your support.


Akira Akira


Anonymous (x 4)

Serena Bentley

Claire Bridge

Darcy Britton

Vena Bucholtz

Eleanor L Butt

Toni Carlstrom

Yvette Coppersmith

Clara Cotaru

Sarah crowEST

Virginia Cummins

Penelope Davis

Tom Dunn

Jo Dyer
Helen Frajman

Betra Fraval

Amanda Hall

Irene Rudolphine Maria Hanenbergh

Concettina Inserra
Rhonda Jacobs

Sandrine Jacobson

Bronwyn Johnson

Jamie Kelson

David Leece

Nigel Lendon

Merryn Lloyd

LON Gallery

Deven Marriner

Josephine Mead
Ali McCann

Pip Ryan

Fiona Schoer
Michael Schwarz

Helen Seales

Elise Sheehan

Julian Aubrey Smith

Vittoria Di Stefano

Adriane Strampp
Lisa Sullivan

Kate Tucker

Alice Wormald