Damascus Steel. 2015.  Acrylic paint on shaped plywood. (detail) Dimensions variable. Sharon Goodwin

 Urban Dictator. 2015.  Acrylic on MDF. 120cm x 90cm.

 Nick Ryrie. 

Spill. 2015.  Two framed silver gelatin prints, Edition of 1+1 AP. Olga Bennett

​Black Granite in Blue. 2015.  Black granite and enamel paint. 

Megan Cousins. 

Overview, from left to right, Jamie Charleston, Nick Ryrie, Alex Pittendrigh, Sharon Goodwin

Rock system 3. 2015.  Bronze and ceramic cast rock, rope, steel dowel.  Dimensions variable. Jamie Charleston.

Mad Love of Perseus. 2015.  Linen, gesso, string, acrylic paint, clay, glue.  120 cm x 100 cm.  approximately. Alex Pittendrigh is represented by Murray White Room.

Olga Bennett, Megan Cousins, Sharon Goodwin, Jamie Charleston Hall, Alex Pittendrigh, Nick Ryrie

10 December 2015 - 23 January 2016

Click here for Dan Rule's review of the exhibition.                                    

Alex Pittendrigh is represented by Murray White Room
Photos courtesy of Taryn Ellis

Marble on  cement in blue. 2015. Marble, cement, enamel paint. Megan Cousins